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Tips and Ideas

This page focuses on common problems teams confront, and directs the reader to tools and resources on this site to address each issue. This section of the site will be updated periodically in response to inquiries received at

Team Success and Problem–Solving Tips

Click here for teamwork success tips.

Click here for techniques, tips, and exercises that can help your team to solve some of the common problems faced by collaborative teams.

Facilitation and Leadership Tips

Click here to learn more about the unique contributions team leaders and facilitators can make to your team’s efforts.

Click here for tips on how facilitators can help to ensure successful meetings.

Click here for tips on effective facilitation.

Effective Meeting Tips

Click here for information on icebreaker exercises.

Click here for indicators of whether your team’s meetings are effective.

Click here for tips on how each member can contribute to team success.

Click here for information about how to incorporate information about experiential and adult learning theories into training delivery.

Click here for training debriefing tips.