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Training Debriefing Tips

In order to assess the effectiveness of your training, it is important to solicit input from meeting participants about what was most helpful about the meeting and conversely, what aspects of the event could be improved upon. Requesting this kind of feedback allows participants the opportunity to reflect on their learning experience and to offer valuable advice to you about how future events could be enhanced. In addition to specific questions about the substantive material covered at the training (which would typically be included on a standard meeting evaluation form), consider asking the following “process” questions as well.

How well did we:

List the questions on a flipchart where all participants can see them, and ask for verbal responses from the group. For each question, after you receive input from a few people, verbally summarize the feedback and ask other members of the group whether they agree with the comments that have been made or would like to offer up other viewpoints.

Record the participants' feedback and consider implementing some or all of the suggestions as needed when planning a similar event in the future.